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Powering Sub-Saharan Africa with Available Renewable Energy Resources.

We are the Best-In-Class Products & Solutions. We are at the nexus of culture, economy, environment, and sustainability for the electrifcation of Sub-Saharan Africa

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Community Electrification Using Available Sustainable Renewable Energy Resources

Biomass Technology

This we believe is one aspect that should be maximized in Sub-Saharan Africa. We live on the Mantra of use what you have to power the community

Solar PV Technology

The sun favours the region and we are glad to harness such priviledges

Equipment Financing

We are poised to provide equipment solutions that appeals to the environment and empowers business economically

Software Tool

We believe ease of development of conceptualized design is the super runway in electrification of Sub-Saharan Africa so we design tools fitted for Sub-Saharan Africa


Electrification from Renewable Energy

Design is relative but can be similar to a particular clime of people in a way. We understand the RE industry  and design software tool that perfects overall operations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our electrification systems is developed on the premise of taking feedback from the community. All solutions are sustainable and one that can run for as much as 25 years.

Sustainable Energy 90%
Community Tailored 90%
Software Tool 80%

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